Tuesday 27 May 2008



First day raining! We have now a real Irish weather ! But I was lucky by escaping downpours.pluie

Concerning work, my tutor isn’t there anymore, so I keep organising (but I will soon have finished my school report…). Nevertheless, I purged the rubish (yes Pierre-Yves, still with my safety jacket you love !), and I checked invoices with the software. I also worked on my report (graphs, tables, reports ….).

I noticed that Ireland is very ecologist. Indeed, everything is reduced: bottles with recycled plastic, riciepts at the cash machine only if requiested, with advice of not throwing it anywhere, paper bags to replace plastic ones … but that don’t provide from seeing broken bags rejecting their contents in thickets (on my way to go home). Here are the news of the day.recyclage

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  1. le 27 mai 2008 à 17:55 Your Ludoudou écrit:

    Hello my beautiful,

    One day of rain also in France
    moreover highly that you return to France;) because I miss you :’(

    Go good evening with me:)

    Your doudou

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